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Get InForm. Get Leads.

Curious about your website visitors? Want them to keep coming back to your website? Of course you do. That’s why we created an innovative marketing tool called InForm that does just that!

What is InForm?

InForm is a customizable widget on the top or bottom of your website that invites visitors to enter their name, phone number, email address — whatever data you want to use to help them become customers. Or regulars.
What’s more, you can add it to every page on your site to give visitors a straightforward, clear-cut way to engage with your business and help increase your sales. And, since it fits right in with the look and feel of your website, there’s no fumbling with design.
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InForm will help you:
• Generate leads
• Create an automated email to your prospects
• Build your email-marketing list
• Optimize your advertising budget

Get more leads and increase sales when you:
• Test different offers and messaging
• Add lead capture forms to your website
• Capture leads in your personal lead
management dashboard
• Get real-time alerts when a lead form is completed
• Customize fields and features

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