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Get Search Ads. Spread the Word About Your Business.

Ready to capture visitors when they’re searching for your business?

If so, then our SearchAds solution is perfect for you. We make it easy to spread the word about your business online and capture your target audience—all at the same time.
With SearchAds, you get all the tools that help you turn searchers into customers, and customers into spenders. You probably know that search advertising effectively targets your customers but demands exhaustive research. With us on your side, the legwork is done.
HHow does it work?

We determine your target audience by what keywords they enter and when they do searches. We send qualified leads straight to your website. This means the people seeing and clicking your ads are the people you’re looking for — the people looking for your business.ow we make it happen:
Keyword Research. We determine the keywords and phrases people are using to find your business. We then create relevant, compelling ads that correspond to the key phrase list.
• Bid Management. Our sophisticated bid management program manages the individual bids for all your key phrases. This gets you the highest possible ad position for the lowest price.
• Dynamic Key Phrase Insertion. Dramatically increase the likelihood of people clicking on your ad with real-time, relevant, micro-targeted dynamic copy.
• Geo Targeting. We place ads where your searchers are. Based on your geography, we place specific ads that target national, state, regional and city searchers.
• Conversion Tracking. We analyze what your prospects and customers do when they visit your website and measure how effective your ads are at attracting visitors and turning them into customers.
• Integrated Lead Capture Forms. We capture your visitors’ information so you can use it to build your marketing plan and increase sales.
• Reporting Tools. Our user-friendly dashboard lets you track your campaign’s performance and in real-time determine your cost per lead and your ROI.

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Keys To PPC (PayPerClick) Success

  • Create a PPC campaign using Google AdWords.

It all starts with a query. When someone searches for something on Google, the search engine looks at the AdWords advertisers pool; if one or more advertisers are bidding on keywords that are relevant to the query, an auction is triggered.

  • Make sure your keywords are relevant.
Relevant keywords increase your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), improve your quality score, and ultimately lower your Cost-Per-Click (CPC).
  • Optimize your ad copy and leverage “Ad Extensions.”
Most PPC ads are boring! Make sure to write your ad copy with your prospective clients in mind by creating emotional ads that speak to your prospects. Why would they be searching for you? Various ad extensions will make it easier for people searching for you to get in touch!
  • Don’t forget mobile—understand user context.
Location. Time. Device. Three things you need to keep in mind when designing PPC ads for mobile devices. Where, when, and how are your prospective clients going to be searching for you? Think about user context in your ad copy and bidding strategy as well.
  • Bring your site’s visitors back with remarketing.
96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions marketers want them to take! The Google Display Network has a 92% reach across millions of sites, videos, and devices. Remarketing allows you to reach more users, more frequently, on different sites.
  • Most important - get a PRO to help you!
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