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Get SocialStream. Get Social.
Step up your social media marketing presence and save time with daily targeted messaging.
Now you can manage and post all of your social media messages from one place.

That’s right. With SocialStream you can post messages to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz simultaneously, on a daily basis from a single platform. That means you’re able to constantly refine and test your messaging, which in turn leads to instant results and a more successful marketing campaign.

Network & measure your success with one log-in.
SocialStream not only streamlines your social networking efforts, it can also effectively measure the success of your social marketing efforts.
Combine SocialStream with our InForm website service and each message will capture critical marketing data such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses of everyone who clicked on your leads. Now you’re converting visitors into sales!

It works like this:
• Login only once
All your social networking accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google
® Buzz, and Twitter in one user-friendly dashboard.
• Instantly post marketing messages
Publish updates, messages, and more to the top of social networking sites in a single click.
• Start promoting
Market to your entire fan base on a timely basis. Find out people’s interests and likes, so you can offer them just what they’re looking for.
When you use our analytic dashboard, you’ll be able to refine your messaging and find out what’s working and what’s not.

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