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Text Marketing
Do you ever leave home without your cell phone? Most people are never more than a few feet away from their cell phone, and when they get a text message, they read it! In fact, people are far more likely to read their text messages immediately than they are to check their email or voice mail.

Smart businesses are now using text messaging as a way to reach their customers quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Example - a day spa sees that they have several openings on Thursday afternoon. They send a text message to their opt-in customers offering a special for that time period, and fills the slots!

Are you working with customers who return for products and services? Give them an incentive to sign up for your text list, and then send them timely offers to bring them into your business.

Web Strategies can get up and running with a cost-effective text marketing program that will bring customers returning to your business. Contact us right away to get started!

Mobile and text promotions lets you speak to your potential customers in a one –on-one manner that’s unmatched by other advertising.
Keyword Campaigns A mobile marketing *keyword* is a word people text to get information or opt-into a campaign

Text2Win Campaigns A trivia campaign allows marketers to offer simple to complex trivia events. From a single question with answer to multiple questions are ideal uses for Text2Win

Appointment Reminder A text service that sends out scheduled reminders for specific date and time appointments.  Great for personal services, doctor’s offices, salons and much more

Redeemable Coupon Blast A redeemable coupon blast is a text blast that includes a short URL that goes to a mobile website where the recipient can “Redeem” their coupon.

Text Questionnaire Campaigns With a Questionnaire Campaign, you may choose to create a questionnaire, a string of related questions. This may be a survey to gather information about customers’ experience in your restaurant, or their preferences.

Text2Screen TEXT2SCREEN campaigns allow users to participate in an interactive forAn Auto Responder Campaign is a feature that allows you to send “timed messages” or canned responses such as reminders, coupons, etc. to a Group of participants.

Mobile Lead Capture/Notifications (Mobile and Email) Ability to receive notifications of mobile signups and create a database of emails from your mobile subscribers.

Website Widget Widget that allows you to add a sign up form on your website to capture mobile subscribers

Autoresponder Campaigns An Auto Responder Campaign is a feature that allows you to send “timed messages” or canned responses such as reminders, coupons, etc.to a Group of participants.

Voting/Polling A Voting or Polling message requests that a user provide feedback or reply with a choice of several options. Once users reply with their responses, they can then be further targeted with follow up messages by segmenting them into Groups.

Birthday Wishes Send automatic birthday wishes to your customers clientele to help build brand loyalty and awareness. Send an automatic text to a consumers on their birthday which includes a free offer or discount coupon.

Vehicle Listings Car Dealerships are extremely competitive, and providing information for the “just looking crowd”, can be time consuming.  Our Vehicle Listing feature allows you to easily generate leads for your new or used car dealer clients by having “text for vehicle information” campaigns. Potential buyers scan a QR code or text in a keyword to have the vehicles complete information sent back via text or even coupon. Try it – Text demovehicle to 71441

Real Estate Listings Empower your real estate clients with information about current property listings by creating engaging SMS text marketing campaigns. Potential buyers can text your keyword or scan a QR code that is displayed on real estate “FOR SALE” signs or newspaper advertisements and have complete property listing information sent back via SMS  not only are you providing immediate information to the potential buyer but building your clients SMS marketing lists. Try it – Text demoproperty to 71441

Loyalty Programs Do you have a favorite restaurant, store or merchant?  Do you have a frequent visitor card for Panera Bread, Subway, Dominos,  etc? Our Loyalty Program feature helps your businesses build brand loyalty with your consumers by creating unique loyalty SMS text marketing programs. After a consumer purchases a certain amount of products or services from your business, you “punch” the card via their mobile phone and they receive a predetermined discount or complimentary product or service.

Text 2 Screen Want to increase audience engagement via SMS Text Marketing?  Our Text 2 Screen feature  enables the audience to text in their messages and have them displayed on a screen for all to see. This feature is great for live event venues, conferences, lectures and night life clients such as bars and clubs.

Connect Mobile Message to Social Media
Expand the reach of your SMS Text Marketing campaign. Connect your mobile campaign to your Facebook Business Page and Twitter with a click of a button. Now your social media audience can also receive your mobile communication.

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