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Custom Event Websites for only $99

Web Strategies is now working with Talk of the Town, a major Event and Entertainment provider in the DC Metro area, to make custom event websites available for their customers for as little as $99. This partnership is also being extended to professional event planners who want to help their clients tap the power of the Internet.
Having an event?  MyEvents from Web Strategies provides an easy and cost-effective way to have a website to share your event with your world.  You can:
  • Produce a nostalgic sentiment with pictures, music, video, from the past
  • Provide a communications hub where you collect and distribute information
  • Save time and money with online registration, payment, fundraising, surveys
  • Use built in ecommerce tools without Pay Pal or a merchant account
  • Promote your event through social media using our sharing tools
  • Your event will look professional and you will look like a genius
Opportunity for Event Professionals

As an event professional, you can offer these custom event websites to your customers for as little as $99. If you partner with MyEvents from Web Strategies, you will get a discount code that you can give to customers so they can get this special price, and so we can identify you as the referring partner and arrange a revenue share. This partnership is a great way for professional event planners to help their clients tap the power of the Internet.

Want to find out more? Visit the
MyEventSites Partners page to learn more and get started!

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