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Mobile Strategy
Who knew that someday you would be able to carry a computer in your pocket? Well, that day is here. With smart phones like iPhones and Android as well as iPads and other tablets. Mobile Computing is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, analysts say that by 2015, more users will be connecting to the Internet with smart phones and tablets than with desktops. Indeed, Social media use is already moving heavily to this platform. And even now, over 15% of all Google searches are from a mobile platform!
So what is your mobile strategy? How does your website look on an iPhone, 'Droid or iPad? Does it matter to you? It should! Who are your customers, and how are they connecting?

Web Strategies can help you build your mobile strategy. We can build a website that is mobile-friendly, or in some cases build a separate site for your mobile visitors. And we have solutions for your Mobile Marketing as well!

Don't wait until this be shift has already passed you by. Be proactive - contact Web Strategies today to get started on your mobile strategy!
The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers

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