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Search Engine Optimization
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If you build it, will they come?

Once it was easy to get found on the Internet. But today, the INternet is a crowded place, and you have to work hard to be found when people are looking for what you offer.

Web Strategies will take the steps needed to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. We make sure the tags and codes are in place, along with a site map, which is important for the search engines. We work with you to make sure that the words you want to focus on are words that will be highlighted in our search engine optimization.
Need to go beyond the basic steps? In this competitive world, it often takes more than basic SEO to get found, The more competitive your industry, and the more you depend on your website to drive new business, the more important is your Search Marketing. Web Strategies can provide advanced Local SEO services at additional cost, along with our Search Marketing Solutions, our Mobile programs and Social Media Marketing to increase your visibility on the web.
Check out the Infographic below. It highlights the importance of SEO - getting first on the first page. This clearly demonstrates how the stop search result gets more clicks, and even more so on mobile! Let us help you with this!
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